Back to basics: My favorite portrait photographers

Posted: May 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

Bouncing back after that ridiculous episode with Jake, I need a more pleasant subject to occupy my thoughts, more familiar ground…

Here’s a subject i’m always happy to revisit: Best portrait photographers. We’ll keep this list non-celebrity and save celebrity portraiture for another blog.

1. Bambi Cantrell
2. Wes Kroninger
3. Scott Kelby
4. George Deloache
5. Jeff Smith
6. Bobbi Lane
7. Fuzzy Duenkel
8. Frances Litman
9. Fran Reisner
10. Marc Weisberg

This list will be changing I’m sure depending on what I’m feeling, but right now, I’m diggin these guys…

hmm, and to be completely honest, more specifically I actually love headshot photography. I’ll throw in some of my fav headshot photographers because really…they would be at the top of my list!

1. Natalie Young Headshots, Natalie Young Studio
2. David Muller
3. Peter Hurley
4. Kenneth Dolin
5. Michael Roud
6. Paul Gregory
7. Anthony Mongiello
8. Vaney Poyey
9. Alan Weissman
10. Vandiveer Photography


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