Retouching woes

Posted: May 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

Okay I know it’s a matter of taste, how much one chooses to Photoshop an image. And I’m not here to judge. But over the weekend one of the fashion photographers for which I assist gave me 20 swimsuit photos to retouch as realistically as possible, taking care to keep the skin textures and not to go overboard…due Monday morning.  

I spent literally at least 30 hours of my 48 hour weekend on the computer, taking painstaking care to preserve the integrity of the original capture but as swiftly as possible to complete everything by the due date. Come Monday, he takes my work and…well you can see for yourself whether my lost hours of sleep in my efforts to maintain realism were all that necessary.

Here’s an example: 


Realistic huh?  Hmph. Well as long as the client is happy I guess, and his final image does look pretty bad ass…I still like my version better though 🙂

I think the main reason I’m sorta irked about losing sleep over this is, though the final image looks amazing, it looks like it could have just been done on green screen or been a composite. If that’s the case, why bother? This shoot actually had a decently large budget so we had gone down to the beaches of Palos Verdes with trailers and crew and it was a great production. I love Photoshop, but in this case I felt like airbrushing and manipulating the images to the point that it looks fake diminishes the value of the production as a whole and the actual work put into it. But that’s just my two cents. To each his own.


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